What’s Involved?


Community-based mentoring is designed to help young people develop a greater sense of belonging and self-worth. Many young people participating in community-based mentoring are seeking positive adult role models in their lives outside of their existing support structures. By providing this level of support young people have the ability to identify their aspirations whilst establishing enduring connections with others.


Our community-based mentoring program offers stability and consistency for young people in need of support through one-to-one mentoring. Each young person is matched to the most suitable mentor based on personality, shared interests and geographic location. Once a week, the mentor will meet with the young person to spend time together, such as outdoor activities (ie. bike rides, sporting events) though to cooking, exhibitions, doing craft and other specific hobbies to help build a strong mentoring relationship.

Community Based

Community-Based mentoring is designed to help young people develop a greater sense of belonging and self-worth.


In-School mentoring works collaboratively with schools to identify young people who require additional support.


Our interactive, monitored online mentoring platform 'OurSpace' enables us to provide mentoring support to young people across Australia.

Young Achievers

Young Achievers program matches young people with mentors working in their field of interest and take part in workshops providing them with unique challenges and leadership opportunities.

Ensuring We Make the Right Match

Across each of our mentoring programs, we ensure mentoring matches are facilitated safely, efficiently and effectively by:

  • Investing in best-practice recruitment, screening and assessment of volunteer mentors, including psychological testing.
  • Providing ongoing training and support for mentors.
  • Ensuring regular supervision of Bigs and Littles throughout the duration of the mentoring match.
  • Establishing simple feedback loops for mentors, young people and their families / carers.
  • Adhering to internationally recognised quality and safety standards protecting both the rights of the young person and the volunteer mentor.